Our Mission “Understanding the need to balance commercial necessity with the need to protect fragile environments.”

Integrated Fisheries Management Plan

The Lyme Bay Fisheries & Conservation Reserve Project was established to address complex fisheries issues set against the need for conservation. The Blue Marine Foundation and the Lyme Bay Working Group including local fishermen and fisheries and conservation managers, commissioned work to pull together evidence on the sustainability of fishing activity in the area. This has allowed options to be formed to enable the Working Group to develop an Integrated Fisheries Management Plan for Lyme Bay, pulling together all the work of the IFCAs, MMO and Cefas to date, amongst others. The aim of this work is to enable the Working Group to collectively plan for the future and support ecologically and commercially sustainable fisheries and a prosperous fishing community.

Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve: Integrated Fisheries Management Plan
Appendix A: Desk Review
Appendix B: Fisheries Desk Review
Appendix C: Habitat Risk Assessment Executive Summary
Appendix D: Habitat Risk Assessment
Appendix E: Habitat and Species Data informing the Risk Assessment
Appendix F: GIS processing applied in Haibtat Risk Assessment
Appendix G: Justification of risk categories assigned in habitat risk assessment
Appendix H: Fisheries Assessment Executive Summary
Appendix I: Fisheries Assessment
Appendix J: Workshop Consultation