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Underwater Videos

Take a trip to the bottom of the Lyme Bay reefs and submerge yourself in the underwater footage captured by Plymouth University Marine Institute.

These cameras are left on the seabed to film for long periods of time in order to capture footage of all the 'mobile' organisms present in an area of Lyme Bay. The footage is then analysed and makes up a significant part of the Lyme Bay Experimental Potting data collection.

Plymouth Marine Institute Resume Underwater Filming

Plymouth Marine Institute Resume Underwater Filming from Lyme Bay Reserve on Vimeo.

Baited underwater remote filming for this summer has started in the Lyme Bay Reserve. Filmed by PhD student Adam Rees of the Plymouth Marine Institute and funded by Defra, the quantitative data obtain from the HD videos on the mobile organisms in each of the experimental potting areas forms part of the on going investigation into the impacts of potting and to establish sustainable fishing levels and the effects on the seabed. This data will then be used to underpin the management of the Reserve.

Adam has to sits through hours of video footage and record every mobile organisms that comes into view. Here you can see a rather large conger eel being inquisitive of the bait!

Skate filmed in Lyme Bay

Tope filmed in Lyme Bay

Edible Crab filmed in Lyme Bay

John Dory filmed in Lyme Bay

Conger Eel filmed in Lyme Bay

Pink Sea Fans filmed in Lyme Bay