Our Mission “Our blueprint towards sustainable fishing will ensure there will still be fish and shellfish to catch for our next generations.”

2023 News

'Beneath the Waves'
8th May, 2023

Our very own Sam Fanshawe (UK Marine Projects Manager at Blue Marine Foundation) gave a talk at the West Bay Discovery Centre on Thursday 27th April about the Lyme Bay Reserve.

The Lyme Bay Fisheries & Conservation Reserve is a model for marine conservation and sustainable fisheries, successfully restoring nationally important reefs while supporting and giving a voice to local fishermen who practice low-impact responsible fishing. The talk was one of a series of events that links in with the 'Beneath the Waves' Pop up exhibition at West Bay Discovery Centre which runs until the end of October.

Lyme Bay CIC
21st April, 2023

Have you discovered the newly formed Lyme Bay Fisherman's CIC? Representing fishermen from across the four ports of West Bay, Lyme Regis, Beer and Axmouth.

Follow them on their journey as they shine a light on local scallop divers, potters, trawlermen, netters and anglers.


Photos by James Bowden & Rob Wicks

Port 2 Plate
29th March, 2023

Beer Fisheries Ltd offer the finest, sustainably caught, quality fish and shellfish from within the Lyme Bay Reserve. A family run business based from their shop on Beer beach for the last 45 years and are now the 4th generation to be doing so. The family fishing boat is skippered by Jim Newton, who's son Marc runs the shop. Jim as been fishing since he could walk! He works various types of sustainable fishing gear; crab pots, nets, rod & line, from his 21 foot boat, Bess. This means he provides the shop with the very finest quality produce as it only has to travel 100 meters from the shoreline to the shop door.

This beautiful illustration by local illustrator Liam O'Farrell (www.liamofarrell.com) shows the charm and character of the shop in beautiful Beer.

Open 7 days a week
FREE delivery within a 15 mile radius of the shop

A new Exhibition 'Beneath the Waves' at the West Bay Discovery Centre is now open and features Lyme Bay Reserve.
22nd March, 2023

Date: 18th March to 31st October (except Monday)
Time: 11am-4pm
Admission: FREE donations welcome

Word from the centre:
"2023 has been designated as “The Year of the Coast”. In our new exciting ‘Beneath the Waves’ exhibition we look at the secrets of Lyme Bay. We explore the historical and current fishing practices, from the traditional seine netting for mackerel and sprats to the range of different techniques employed by today fishers. You can learn about the Lyme Bay Marine Protected Area - one of the largest marine protected areas in the UK, with over 90 square nautical miles protected from dredging and trawling. The Reserve preserves rocky reefs and the largest colony of pink sea fans in the British Isles and is known as the ‘Coral Garden of England’".

The Lyme Bay Reserve Voluntary Code of Conduct
21st March, 2023

A code in which fishermen agree to comply with statutory regulations and the articles of the Code of Conduct and will work to promote compliance across the industry.

Introducing the newly formed Lyme Bay Fisherman's Community Interest Company (CIC)
16th February, 2023

Blue Marine Foundation has facilitated the Lyme Bay Reserve project for over a decade, working together with fishermen, regulators and scientists to demonstrate that conservation and fishing can co-exist and deliver benefits for nature and people.

In 2022, Blue Marine supported the establishment of a new Lyme Bay Fisherman’s Community Interest Company (CIC) that represents fishermen across the Lyme Bay area and engages with regulators and others to promote sustainable fishing.

The CIC is overseen by a representative from each of the four ports (West Bay, Lyme Regis, Axmouth and Beer) and has 47 members from across the Lyme Bay fishing community. The objective of the CIC is to “carry on activities which benefit the community and, in particular, to implement best practice in protecting the biodiversity of Lyme Bay, to implement best practice in managing fish and shellfish stocks, and to create long term benefits for coastal communities around Lyme Bay.”

These reflect the objectives of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve MoU, and the CIC will take forward many of the initiatives developed in collaboration with Blue Marine and partners over the past decade, including:

  • Improvements to transportation for low impact fishermen
  • Collaboration with Universities, regulators and NGOs to monitor the impact on fish stocks and the marine environment
  • Schools and outreach programme
  • Website to engage and inform the public
  • Develop relationships with ethically minded businesses, both locally and nationally, to supply and sell Lyme Bay branded fish and shellfish

The CIC is a pioneering approach, representing a fishing community that has fully embraced – and promotes – conservation and sustainable fishing practices within the MPA to safeguard fish stocks and the marine environment for future generations.

The Lyme Bay Journey
15th February, 2023

Since 1988 to the present day Lyme Bay has seen a lot of change, from identifying the area as a marine nature conservation interest, to present day with the creation of the Lyme Bay Fisherman’s CIC, and a special session at the IMPAC 5 Canada – International Marine Protected Areas Congress. Take a read of the journey Lyme Bay has been on.

BLUEprint for MPAs
7th February, 2023

Many of the MPA projects Blue Marine Foundation is involved in build on experiences from the Lyme Bay Reserve where together with fishermen, government agencies and scientists we’ve demonstrated how collaborative management in MPAs can achieve a win-win for nature, fisheries and people.

Find out more in the new case study on Lyme Bay as part of the BLUEprint for #MPAs launched this week: Lyme Bay Case Study.

What's beneath the waves of Lyme Bay?
19th January, 2023

That's a question the West Bay Discovery Centre are exploring with the help of Blue Marine Foundation and the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve for a forthcoming exhibition. “Beneath the Waves”, will be a pop-up exhibition running from March-October, which aims to educate and celebrate the rich fishing history in Lyme Bay, the creation of the Lyme Bay Marine Protection Area (MPA), the diverse marine environment, and sustainable fishing methods used out in the bay by local fishermen.

For more information about the centre visit: www.westbaydiscoverycentre.org.uk

Pictured left to right:
Aubrey Banfield (West Bay fisherman)
Mandy Wolfe (Lyme Bay CIC)
Sarah & John West (West Bay Discovery Centre)
Sam Fanshawe (Blue Marine Foundation)

Sunny Axmouth
16th Januray, 2023

Glorious winter sunshine at last down on Axmouth harbour, home to the fishermen of the Lyme Bay Fisheries & Conservation Reserve.

Photo by local photographer Steven Bamford