Our Mission “Understanding the need to balance commercial necessity with the need to protect fragile environments.”

Research Reports

Over 25 peer-reviewed papers and reports have been published on the research carried out within the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve. Here’s a full list, many of which can be downloaded directly with links to others, which are available via the publisher.

2010 - Rees, S. et al. Is there a win–win scenario for marine nature conservation? A case study of Lyme Bay. Ocean & Coastal Management 53, 135–145.

2010 - Rees, S. et al. The value of marine biodiversity to the leisure and recreation industry and its application to marine spatial planning. Marine Policy 34, 868–875. (Full access via publisher).

2011 - Mangi, S. et al. Assessing the impacts of establishing MPAs on fishermen and fish merchants: the case of Lyme Bay. Ambio 40, 457–468.

2012 - Attrill M. et al. Lyme Bay – a case-study: measuring recovery of benthic species; assessing potential “spillover” effects and socio-economic changes. Report to Defra.

2012 – Fleming and Jones. Challenges to achieving greater and fairer stakeholder involvement in marine spatial planning as illustrated by the Lyme Bay scallop dredging closure. Marine Policy 36, 370–377. (Full access via publisher).

2012 – Munro and Baldock. Lyme Bay Closed Area: measuring recovery of benthic species in cobble reef habitats. Report to Natural England and Defra.

2013 - Sheehan, E. et al. Drawing lines at the sand: evidence for functional vs. visual reef boundaries in temperate Marine Protected Areas. Marine Pollution Bulletin 76, 194–202.

2013 – Sheehan, E. et al. Recovery of a temperate reef assemblage in a marine protected area following the exclusion of towed demersal fishing. PLoS One 8, e83883.

2014 - Hattam, C. et al. Social impacts of a temperate fisheries closure. Marine Policy 45, 269–278. (Full access via publisher).

2014 - Marine Planning Consultants Ltd. Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve: Integrated Fisheries Management Plan. A report for the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve Working Group.

2014 - Stevens, T. et al. Monitoring benthic biodiversity restoration in Lyme Bay marine protected area: Design, sampling and analysis. Marine Policy 45, 310-317. (Full access via publisher).

2015 - Rees, S. et al. Socio-economic effects of a Marine Protected Area on the ecosystem service of leisure and recreation. Marine Policy 62, 144–152. (Full access via publisher).

2015 – Woo, J. et al. Lyme Bay Fully Documented Fishery Trial. Report for the Blue Marine Foundation and Lyme Bay Reserve Fisheries and Conservation Working Group.

2016 - Rees, S. et al. An evaluation framework to determine the impact of the Lyme Bay Marine Protected Area and the activities of the Lyme Bay Consultative Committee on ecosystem services and human wellbeing. Report to the Blue Marine Foundation.

2016. BLUE. Lyme Bay Reserve Ecological and Fisheries Research Summary Report. Blue Marine Foundation. November 2016.

2018 - Rees, A. et al. The Lyme Bay experimental potting study: A collaborative programme to assess the ecological effects of increasing potting density in the Lyme Bay Marine Protected Area. A report to Blue Marine Foundation and Defra.

2018 - Rees, S. et al. Bridging the divide: social–ecological coherence in Marine Protected Area network design. Aquatic Conservation: Marine & Freshwater Ecosystems 28, 754–763. (Full access via publisher).

2019 – Blue Marine Foundation. An assessment of the commercial ray net fishery inside the Lyme Bay Reserve. A report by Catherine Whitley, Blue Marine Foundation.

2019 - Solandt, J-L. et al. Managing Marine Protected Areas in Europe: Moving from ‘feature-based’ to ‘whole-site’ management of sites. Chapter 9 in Marine Protected Areas, Policy, Science and Management. Published by Elsevier.

2020 - Davies, B. et al. Acoustic Complexity Index to assess benthic biodiversity of a partially protected area in the southwest of the UK. Ecological Indicators. 111, 106019.

2020 - Rees, S. et al. Emerging themes to support ambitious UK marine biodiversity conservation. Marine Policy, 117.

2021 - Rees, A. et al. Optimal fishing effort benefits fisheries and conservation. Scientific Reports. 11, 3784.

2021 - Rees, S. et al. An evaluation of the social and economic impact of a Marine Protected Area on commercial fisheries. Fisheries Research 235.

2021 - Singer, R and Jones, P. Lyme Bay marine protected area: A governance analysis. Marine Policy 127, May 2021. (Full access via publisher).

2021 – Sheehan, E. et al. Rewilding of protected areas enhances resilience of marine ecosystems to extreme climatic events. Frontiers in Marine Science. 8:671427. August 2021.

2021 – Davies, B. et al. Ecosystem approach to fisheries management works – how switching from mobile to static fishing gear improves populations of fished and non-fished species inside a Marine Protected Area. Journal of Applied Ecology. September 2021.