Our Mission “British farmers are paid to conserve on land. Our project will try to find ways in which fishermen can derive similar benefits from conservation at sea.”

2022 News

Calling all educators
9th December, 2023

The University of Plymouth have produced an educational article for kids based on their research in Lyme Bay called ‘Impact of Storms in Lyme Bay’.

Download it here https://bit.ly/3FhSMkr

Lovely Lobsters from Lyme Bay
18th November, 2023

With Christmas just around the corner lobsters make the perfect meal for dinner parties this festive period. The Lyme Bay Fish Shack in Axminster have a live lobster tank which keeps their lobsters nice and fresh for customers to buy live. They also sell freshly cooked frozen lobsters for customers who don’t want to buy live. These beauties were caught by Sam, skipper of the Lyme Bay Fish Shack boat 'KT SAM' and his crew member Felix. Great to see the young carrying on with the tradition of small-scale, sustainable fishing in Lyme Bay.
Support local this Christmas and enjoy lovely lobster.

Port 2 Plate
11th November 2022

Why not support local with a seafood platter this Christmas. Beer Fisheries Ltd is a family run fishmongers, open 7 days a week, providing the best fresh fish from their own boats based in Beer, Devon. Beer Fisheries' aim is to continue to support local fishermen in the area and is a proud supporter of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve. This is monitored by the Blue Marine Foundation, which is committed to producing a sustainable fishing industry.


Rod & Line
1st November, 2022

One method of sustainable fishing used in Lyme Bay by fishers of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve. #sustainablefishing Facilitated by Blue Marine Foundation

Fishing Port Spotlight – Lyme Regis
21st October, 2022

The town was known by the Romans as 'Lym Supra Mare'. Lyme takes its name from the river Lym, Lym meaning a torrent of water.

The waters of Lyme Bay have been fished for centuries by the communities that line the coastline. It is home to many species of fish including bass, bream, cod, conger eel, dabs, huss, mackerel, mullet, plaice, pollack, ray skate, sole and whiting as well as a variety of crustaceans including crabs and lobsters.

Over the years the fishing industry in Lyme Regis has endured various challenges but today, a small fleet of sustainable fishing boats continue to flourish.

For more details head over to:

Photo by James Bowden: www.jamesbowden.net

Fishing Nets
16th October, 2022

One method of sustainable fishing used in Lyme Bay by fishers of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve.

Facilitated by Blue Marine Foundation

Axmouth Harbour
13th October, 2022

Low tide in Axmouth harbour, home to fishermen of Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve. Captured by talented local photographer Steven Bamford.

Dorset Seafood Festival 2022
7th October, 2022

An incredible £6,000 was raised for the Fishermens Mission at this year's Seafeast - The Dorset Seafood Festival, which we were a part of.

For details visit: https://bit.ly/3TK3Yw5

Cuttlefish Traps
4th October, 2022

One method of sustainable fishing used in Lyme Bay by fishers of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve.

Facilitated by Blue Marine Foundation

Crab & Lobster
27th September, 2022

One of the types of sustainable fishing methods used in Lyme Bay by fishers of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve.

Facilitated by Blue Marine Foundation

Seafeast Festival – A feast for the eyes
22nd September, 2022

The weekend of the 10th-11th September saw the Seafeast - The Dorset Seafood Festival and once again we were involved in the BLUE Seas feature where visitors can learn about ocean health.

This year's focus was on sustainable fishing methods, which detailed the following;

  • Crab & lobster pots
  • Whelk pots
  • Cuttlefish pots
  • Rod and line
  • Nets

Many people enjoy the delights of seafood but don't actually know how they are caught, so we thought we'd shine a light on these sustainable fishing practices, which we see out in Lyme Bay and beyond.

Photos from the weekend with thanks to Weyfish and Blue Marine Foundation.
See you next year!

Bring Back British Cod
7th September, 2022

Four out of our five cod populations around the UK are at risk of collapsing from overfishing. Off the west coast of Scotland cod numbers have plummeted by 92 per cent since 1981 📉 The UK Government has ignored scientific advice to stop overfishing this stock for the last 35 years.

We must stop this!

Join Blue Marine Foundation and tell the UK Government to #BringBackBritishCod for the health of our seas and for the generations to come.

Sign the petition: https://bit.ly/bringbackbritishcod

Seafeast – Dorset Seafood Festival
6th September, 2022

We'll be at Seafeast - The Dorset Seafood Festival this coming weekend, 10th & 11th September, so head on down to the award-winning Dorset Seafood Festival which offers an amazing opportunity to gain a better understanding of the superb seafood available to us just off our wonderful shores and sample the delights at the same time. Offering delicious seafood, quality wines and local beers, as well as family entertainment. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

  • Taste fresh seafood dishes from a great selection of stalls.
  • Be entertained by talented chefs and local seafood heroes.
  • Learn about underutilised species.
  • Find out why we should all be eating more seafood.
  • Enjoy live acoustic music from talented local acts.
  • Fun activities for kids, inc. the children's cookery workshops.
  • Learn about ocean health at the BLUE Seas feature.

The Blue Marine Foundation will be at the BLUE Seas marquee where you can learn about ocean health and much more.

Book your tickets at: www.dorsetseafood.co.uk/book

Port Spotlight – Beer
17th August, 2022

Beer Beach sits below the picturesque Devon village of Beer, forming part of the 95-mile Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. The beach here is made up of shingle, and is mostly protected from strong winds and waves because it lies in a cove, protected by the white chalky cliffs of Beer Head. Home to fishermen of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve, you will find the small fleet of attractively coloured fishing boats parked by the water’s edge, highlighting that even to this day fishing still plays a part in the economy alongside tourism. With no harbour the fishermen haul their boats up the shingle bank bringing in their catches of sustainably caught fish, lobsters and crabs.

Photos by professional photographer Steven Bamford.

Spider Crabs
16th August, 2022

Lyme Bay fisher Gavin from Axmouth took these photos of a couple of spider crabs he recently pulled up in his crab pot, but not all is what it seems…

These crabs are in different stages of moulting. The top crab has not moulted yet, and the bottom crab has. When the crabs moult, they emerge from the back of their shells and are temporarily soft-bodied.

Once they have shed the old shell, their soft bodies are exposed and vulnerable, though their thin proto-shell hardens up in about a week. Depending on the age of the crab, they can go anywhere from two months to three years before having to molt again. Over the course of a lifetime, a crab will molt up to 20 times.

This amazing underwater footage by BBC Earth captures the moulting process spectacularly.

Beer beach in east Devon looking beautiful in the summer sunshine.
4th August, 2022

Home to fishermen from the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve.

Port Spotlight – Axmouth
2nd August, 2022

Behind a shingle spit is the small fishing port of Axmouth, situated at the mouth of the river Axe. Axmouth is home to fishermen of the Lyme Bay Fisheries & Conservation Reserve. The entrance to Axmouth is located beneath Haven Cliff and is open to the prevailing south westerlies. It is approximately 10m wide and bounded by the shingle spit to the west and a short piled pier to the east. The Axe estuary extends some two miles inland.

The tidal streams run strongly in the entrance, especially during springs, or when the river is in spate (water flowing very fast), so the fishermen have to time it well when heading in and out of the harbour for a days fishing.

Photos by professional photographer Steven Bamford

This little fellow came up in a pot yesterday
28th July, 2022

This Sponge Crab (Dromia personata) was caught by fisherman Gavin from Axmouth and measures only 3 inches across its shell. Its pink pincers are one of the identifying features. The Sponge Crab grows an enormous ‘hat’ of living sponge. Stylish and great for camouflage!

Have you ever seen or caught one? They are rare but a real treat to see #LivingSeas #OurBluePlanet

Fishing and conservation going hand in hand in Lyme Bay
27th July, 2022

Local fisher Gavin Ziemann from Axmouth caught these beauties last week. The larger hen lobster was 'V notched' to identify her as a breeding stock and returned to the sea. The small one next to her is a minimum landing size so went to market.

V-notching is a great way for fishermen to look after lobster stocks. If a fisherman finds a ‘berried hen’ (a female with eggs) he can cut a V shape into the tail and return her to the sea. When another fishermen finds her, he knows she is a breeding female due to this ‘V’ marking in the tail and has to return her to the sea.

To find out more about v-notching head over to the National Lobster Hatchery website: http://www.nationallobsterhatchery.co.uk/sustainable.../

From Port To Plate
18th May, 2022

Why not have a shellfish day this week and treat yourself to some of these delights, all sourced locally from Beer Fisheries Ltd own boat 'Bess' from Lyme Bay Reserve, and along the River Teign.

Beer Fisheries Ltd, a family run fishmongers, is open 7 days a week, providing the best fresh fish, from their own boat and from Brixham fish market, daily. They also have a great selection of fresh fish available in the counter too including Plaice, Lemon sole, Monkfish, Bass, Bream, Hake, Cod, Whiting, Huss, Brill, Turbot, Skate, Dover sole, so head on down to see 'plaice' your order (pun intended).

FREE local delivery within 15 miles of Beer.
Next day Nationwide delivery.

I’ve spotted a Sturgeon!
12th April, 2022

Catching a glimpse of a sturgeon is a rare privilege in today’s world, but if you do spot one make sure to visit the #SaveTheSturgeon website and click “I’ve spotted a sturgeon” and fill out the details of your sighting. www.savethesturgeon.com

Brought to you by: Blue Marine Foundation ZSL Severn Rivers Trust

The #SaveTheSturgeon website is live!
11th April, 2022

Produced by the UK Sturgeon Alliance, the website will allow the public to record sturgeon sightings and learn more about this species and the Alliance’s work. Help save the UK's native sturgeon and visit the #SaveTheSturgeon website: www.savethesturgeon.com

Brought to you by: Blue Marine Foundation ZSL Severn Rivers Trust

Dave Sales Obituary
4th April, 2022

Lyme Bay fisherman Dave Sales obituary by Charles Clover, Co-founder and Executive Director at Blue Marine Foundation.
Read the article

Happy #FishFriday
4th March, 2022

Thinking what to cook up this weekend? Why not go for sustainably sourced shellfish from Lyme Bay Reserve caught aboard the small-scale fishing boat KT-Sam E10 who are also owners of the Lyme Bay Fish Shack – supplying sustainable fresh fish and shellfish direct from their own boat to your plate.

Shellfish such as crab and lobster are low in calories and a good source of protein and healthy fats, as well as a good array of nutrients, including as zinc, B12, iron and selenium.

You can buy this low-impact, sustainable, premium-quality, provenance-assured seafood of Lyme Bay from Lyme Bay Fish Shack at Millers Farm Shop, Kilmington, Axminster.

Fish on Friday anyone?
21st January, 2022

If you're on the lookout for some low-impact, sustainable, premium-quality, provenance-assured seafood from Lyme Bay then look no further than Beer Fisheries Ltd seen here bringing ashore crab, skate, brill and monkfish.

Check them out: www.beerfisheries.co.uk