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2020 News

Fisherman face hard times but the public can help.
19th March, 2020

Britain’s inshore fishermen are facing desperate times as demand from export markets and the restaurant trade dries up as a result of coronavirus restrictions.

Read the article by Charles Clover, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Blue Marine Foundation who are the facilitators of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve:


Buying Fish & Shellfish 
17th March, 2020

Did you know... members of the public can buy the delicious and sustainable fish and shellfish direct from the boats who fish out in Lyme Bay Reserve? But it's not just here in Lyme Bay, you can do that nationwide to help support your local fishermen.

The fishing ports of West Bay and Lyme Regis in Dorset, and Axmouth and Beer in East Devon are home to a bustling small-scale fishing fleet who regularly head out to catch seasonal species which can be purchased for personal use (up to 25kgs per person).

And don't be afraid the ask the fishermen how to cook and prepare the fish and shellfish as they are the best people in the business to ask and they don't bite, promise.

Axmouth Lobster Store
24th February, 2020

Tim Glover, Blue Marine Foundation UK Projects Adviser, discusses the importance of the opening of the Axmouth lobster store, funded by BLUE, to the local fishing community.


Education Outreach Programme
7th February, 2020

Lyme Bay Reserve fisherman and Education Outreach Ambassador Gavin Ziemann was invited back to St Michael's Primary School in Lyme Regis this week to talk to an aspiring writing group about marine conservation.

Gavin talked about the sustainable fishing practices happening out in Lyme Bay and the measures put in place to ensure a sustainable fishing future.

Head Teacher Nick Kiddle had these lovely words to say about the visit 'I wanted to let you know we had a fantastic visit this morning from Gavin. Our youngest children were engaged for the whole session which he led brilliantly and has really inspired them ready for their writing. Once complete I will forward some of their work and photos. Thank you for helping to organise the visit'.

As you can see from the work the children created they certainly understood the importance of measuring the catch and putting the smaller species back to grow even bigger. If you work in education and would like a FREE school visit about sustainable fishing or marine litter please get in touch with our Education Outreach Coordinator on .

Fish Pie Mix
5th February, 2020

The Lyme Bay Fish Shack has lots of beautiful fresh fish on offer, many of which has been caught sustainably within Lyme Bay Reserve. For details about how this fish and shellfish is caught dive over to our website: www.lymebayreserve.co.uk.

And if you fancy fish pie this week get in touch with The Lyme Bay Fish Shack based at Millers Farm Shop in Axminster: www.millersfarmshop.co.uk/meats-and-fish.

Photo by Lyme Bay Fish Shack.

Hand-dived Scallops
3rd February, 2020

Delicious, hand-dived scallops collected from within Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve and landed by the following fishermen aboard their trusty boats;

'JBP' skippered by John Shuker
'Patricia Anne' skippered by Paul Maas
'Miss Pattie' skippered by Kieran Perree

How would you cook yours?

Beer Webcam
30th January, 2020

Take a sneak peak at the weather conditions in Beer via the Beer Sailing Club webcam. It's looking a bit damp out there today for the fishermen of Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve.

It's all systems go! 
24th January, 2020

The lobster storage facility on Axmouth harbour is now complete. This fishermen-led initiative has built an on-land storage facility that will enable them to land their catches everyday (instead of storing at sea) and take to market to optimise their price.
The lobster storage facility has been built bespoke by the East Devon Fishermen's Association. The facility is ground level with a living roof and is approximately 4.5m long by 3m wide and goes underground up to 3.25m. It contains 140 pods and includes a water chilling and filtration system, which allows approx. 1,000 kilos of crabs and lobsters to be stored for up to 3 months.

The project received Dorset & East Devon FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group) support to cover 60% of the cost with the Blue Marine Foundation (facilitators of the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve) funding the remaining 40%.

Get involved and get creative!
23rd January, 2020

This great film 'Fishermen's Kisses' by Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition aims to engage with fishermen to help reduce one of the most pervasive forms of marine litter washing up on our beaches. There are some great prizes for the best ideas, designs or images, so get involved with your bright ideas.

Fin-tastic idea! 
22nd January, 2020

Beer Fisheries have introduced their new loyalty card. Drop by and get yours to get 20% off with every 10th stamp. Perfectly placed on Sea Hill in Beer, a great place for fresh crab straight off the beach.

Wet and windy conditions in Lyme Regis this week
16th January, 2020

We don't think any of our fishermen ventured out in those conditions but with the weather turning for the better this weekend be set for fresh fish and shellfish hitting the ports of West Bay, Lyme Regis, Axmouth and Beer.

Photos by Love Lyme Regis: lovelymeregis.co.uk